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The proper centralization is very important for completing high quality cementing operation. They can minimize the compromise between casing pipes and well bores. We can provide just not casing centralizers, but also service of selecting and installing casing centralizers.

Before selection, we need to know the following conditions of your projects and supply as many information as you can:

Next we will introduce the casing centralizers we can supply and their features to help you choose the best casing centralizers for your projects.

Four different types of bow spring centralizers on white background.

Bow centralizers. It consist of different types, including one-piece bow centralizers, hinged non-welded or welded centralizers and slip-on bow spring centralizers. They are all suitable for the vertical wells and other normal condition wells,

Two different types of semi-rigid centralizers on white background.

Semi-rigid centralizers. It consist of hinged and slip-on semi-rigid centralizers to be used in high centralization of side forces, such as shallow down hole.

Five different solid rigid centralizers on white background.

Solid rigid centralizers. It consist on straight or spiral vane solid rigid centralizers in casting or stamping types. The features of solid rigid centralizers are to reduce drags, which is more suitable for the extended reach horizontal part.

Additional, we can supply you different materials, sizes and surface treatment for your specific conditions. If you want to know more detailed information, just refer to the all our cementing tools products lines for more detailed information.


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