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Installation & Maintenance

Casing centralizers are designed to centralize the casing pipes in the wellbore while cement is poured between casing and well walls. So it is important that properly install the casing centralizers. Right placement of casing centralizer can better standoff casings and enable mud to leave the casing for high quality cementing.

We are professional casing centralizers manufacturer to supply you thousands configurations and sizes of solid rigid centralizers and bow spring centralizers.

Placement of Casing Centralizers

Here, we will introduce three ways of placement of casing centralizer.

A drawing shows the specify spacing placement of casing centralizer.

Specify spacing

Users specify the spacing.

* Software checks the standoff *
A drawing shows the specify spacing standoff of casing centralizer.

Specify standoff

Users specify the standoff at the mid-span, between the centralizers.

* Software calculates the spacing *
A drawing shows the optimum spacing placement of casing centralizer.

Optimum spacing

Users specify the standoff and the spacing increments.

* Software calculate the spacing *

In order to benefit from the three approaches. One optimum placement solution is development, that is, the third way is optimum spacing. In this approach, users can specify the standoff (70%) with an incremental spacing requirement (20 ft). this ensures the standoff requirements, yet results in a not-difficult-to-follow placement program.

Some warming tips when you placing casing in the wellbore:

  1. Every well is different, so we need to use different method according to your experience, if you are doubt for that, just consult us for recommendation.
  2. In cementing projects, it's better to get satisfied standoff with less casing centralizers.
  3. Select the right casing centralizers for placement. Just refer to the order information to help you select right casing centralizers.

Installation of Casing Centralizers

There are four kinds of installation of casing centralizers for your options.

Four types of installation types of casing centralizers.

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