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Cementing Tools Experts – Help You Efficient Production

Hebei Wennian Trading Co., Ltd has more than 20 years of experience of producing and exporting cementing tools, including casing centralizers, floating equipment, stop collars, cementing plugs and baskets as well as API casing pipes. With rich experience, professional advice and drawings and considerate services, we can help your efficient production and high output in gas and oil industries.

Established in 1999, Hebei Wennian Trading Co., Ltd is committed to producing and exporting cementing tools for oil and gas industries. After 20 years development, we have enriched our production line including centralizers, floating equipment, cementing plugs and baskets. Besides, we can supply the API casing pipes for your projects

We insist on "Quality Is First" and the key to our win-win cooperation with our customers, so we are developing and researching more precious products and considerate service for all our customers.

We declare that all our products our customer received are accord with and even surpass API 10D, 10F and 5CT standard. And we are qualified by the ISO 9001 certifications.




Advanced Equipment & Skilled Workers

We brought in advanced equipment to improve our production efficiency, shorten production cycle and increase product qualification rates.

All our skilled workers compete for the post through training and test, they can help to reduce production loss and increase product qualification rates.

Several solid rigid centralizers on the ground beside of the machine

Forming Machine

A stamping machine is producing the hinged casing centralizer.

Stamping Machine

A worker is welding the strips on the end color.


Several stop collars are powder coated with red powders.

Coating Line


Strict Quality Control

All the products, including centralizers, stop collars and floating equipment will be strictly test and only qualified products can be delivered to our customers.

  • All production are accord with ISO 9001 and API 10F, 5CT 10D standard.
  • All tolerances are within industrial and standard requirements.
  • All products will be tested during and after production and recheck before loading for the best quality guarantee.
Three types of hinged bow spring centralizers quality test.

Perfect Package

All our products are properly packed according to the products features and transporting conditions.

The common package is wooden cases and plastic films. The perfect package can protect centralizers and other cementing tools from corrosion and rust as well as fracture during long time transporting.

Additional, we can customize package including logos, labels and other items as customers request.

Several hinged non-welded spring casing centralizers in the wooden cases and packed with plastic films.

Spring centralizers package

Several hinged stop collars in the wooden cases.

Stop collar package

Several stamping casing centralizers in the wooden cases and packed with plastic films.

Rigid centralizers package


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