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Sucker Rod Centralizer – Extend Sucker Rod Life and Reduce Friction

Sucker rod centralizer is mainly used in pumping well to centralize sucker rod and reduce the friction between tubing and sucker rod.

Due to the elastic deformation of sucker rod, rod and oil tube wall is easy to produce friction and sucker rod break easily. when rod go up and down inside of the tubing.

Sucker rod centralizer has strong flexibility and larger outer diameter to centralize sucker rod. The centralizer casing has high strength and wear resistant structure, so when contact with oil tube, it can reduce the friction.

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Three different types of sucker rod centralizer on white background.

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4


  • Material: nylon, ceramic.
  • Centralizer body Rockwell hardness (HRC): M85 – M114.
  • Centralizer body compressive strength: 60–90 MPa.
  • Sucker rod diameter: 3/4", 5/8", 7/8" and 1".
  • Body material: 35 CrMo, 45 CrMo, stainless steel.
Popular Specifications of Sucker Rod Centralizer
Item Centralizer I.D. (mm) Centralizer O.D. (mm)
SRC-01 19 58
SRC-02 22 58
SRC-03 25 58/72

Using Guidance

  • If it is little partial-wear well section, a set of sucker rod centralizer will be installed on three sucker rods.
  • If it is less serious partial-wear well section, a set of this product will be installed on two sucker rods.
  • If it is serious partial-wear well section, a set of this product will be installed on a sucker rod.
  • If it is the most serious partial-wear well section (and in the inflection point), in addition to installing a set of this product on a sucker rod, and another nylon centralizer should be installed on the middle of the rod.

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