Real Factory & Manufacturer of Cementing Tools & Equipment

Wennian Machinery has dedicated in the cementing tools and equipment for more than 20 years. All our production is accord with API standard and has qualified by the ISO certifications.

We have the most wide ranges of cementing tools, including API casing pipes, bow spring and rigid centralizers, floating equipment and other accessories for Oil and Gas Drilling Industry. As a field expert, we will give you rich experience, professional field knowledge and qualified products for our customers throughout the world.


The Broadest Products Lines for Cementing and Drilling

Several bow spring and solid casing centralizers on white background.

Bow Spring & Rigid Centralizers

  • - Accord with API 10D standard
  • - Cast steel, cast aluminum and composite materials
  • - With or without stop collars on the body
Several designs of cementing float shoes and collars on white background.

Floating Equipment

  • - Accord with API 10F standard
  • - Single or double valve options
  • - BTC, LTC, STC and other thread connections
Several cementing plugs and baskets on white background.

Cementing Tools

  • - Conventional and non-rotational Plugs
  • - Steel plates & canvas structures
  • - Hinged or slip on designs

Considerate Knowledge and Brochure for Your Reference

Our service center supplies the most comprehensive technologies and field knowledge of our cementing and drilling equipment and tools. You can refer to them and help you to solve all your problems in order information, FAQ as well as catalog.

More About Services & Supports
A catalog cover of our main products lines.

Professional, Dedicated and Strict for Quality Guarantee

Consistent Quality

Each and every batch of production ensures a guarantee of quality based on ISO and API standard. Each time and every time.

Custom Made Products

Apart from standard specifications and configurations of products, we can customize the products according to customers drawings and requirements.


We are always on a move to offer new products for challenging wells of today.

Drawings & Design

We can design the perfect solution to your projects and supply CAD or PDF drawings.

Worldwide Service

Although we are in China, but our service is same no matter where are you.

Fast Delivery

We are real factory and we can control the production line, so we can guarantee the fastest delivery time for your urgent orders.


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